Parents and Guardians

Parent-Student Handbook

The Parent-Student Handbook contains vital information for students and families, including rules, regulations and policies. Check back soon for our 2016-17 edition.

Home Academy Association

More information is available on our Home Academy Association website.

VIRTUS Training

Only VIRTUS-trained parents/guardians can volunteer for class trips, events, etc. See below for instructions on how to register for a VIRTUS training session. Once you have completed the session, please submit a copy of your certificate to the Front Office.

1. Visit
2. Click “Registration” in the left sidebar
3. Click “View a list of sessions”
4. Select “Brooklyn, NY (Diocese)” from the dropdown menu and click “Select”
5. Once you find an upcoming session that works for you click “Start Registration” at the top of the page and create a User ID and Password
6. You will have the option to select the training session you would like to attend


To order uniforms, go to Our uniform shoe from White Cross Shoes is available at

Support Services

Title 1 Enhanced Student Mathematics Program: In the Title 1 Math program, we focus on math concepts that are known problem areas for our students. We also collaborate with the classroom teachers to ensure we are working on the same topics at the same time. We use the New York State Common Core Standards as a guide. The students in the Title 1 program have access to laptop computers with specialized math programs. These programs can be used both in school and at home. Through the Title 1 program, students are able achieve positive results and increased self-confidence due to the services they receive.

Title 1 Enhanced Student Literacy: In the Title 1 Reading program, we work on reading and writing skills. We teach according to the Common Core Curriculum and work on strategies that enable our students to become lifelong independent learners and readers. Title 1 has been given laptop computers that are loaded with programs that our students can even use at home. The Title 1 participants achieve positive results and reading confidence.

Title 1 Guidance Counseling: Title 1 Guidance counseling offers services to support the Title 1 students. Students meet with the counselor individually or in groups depending on their needs. The program works with students to improve self-esteem, confidence in learning, as well as social, behavioral, and academic skill building. The counselor also works to provide emotional support on issues involving changes in the family and offers possible referrals for testing for learning issues.

Speech Therapy: Speech therapy is a program aimed at treating and improving speech and language skills, including difficulties with expressive and receptive language, articulation (sounds), fluency, and voice.

Resource Room: The Resource Room is a separate, remedial classroom where students with learning disabilities are given direct, specialized instruction. Resource teachers work in a small group setting using techniques that work more efficiently with special needs students. Children are given the support, accommodation, and modifications listed in their Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).