About Us

Faith and academics are integral parts of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Academy. Families are attracted to OLLCA because of the uniqueness of the multicultural setting where the academic and spiritual atmosphere can help children grow to their full potential.

The creation of the Junior High Academy and the continuation of the Early Childhood Center are contributory factors in stabilizing the enrollment. OLLCA will continue to work with the Catholic Schools in Queens Village and the surrounding areas to ensure the preservation of Catholic education.

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Academy in Queens Village is a vibrant school for the twenty-first century!

Mission Statement

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Academy is committed to provide a safe, respectful, nurturing, academic environment where students of diverse cultures can mature spiritually and intellectually in order for them to become successful, productive, responsible members of society. All this is accomplished through Christ’s teachings of Faith, Peace, Communion, and Community.


In September 1932 Father Bernard Reilly’s dream of a parish school came true. The doors of Our Lady of Lourdes School opened for grades one to five. Sister Florence, a Sister of St. Dominic, was the Principal. Provision for parents to make a more excellent choice in the education of their children was brought into the present with Msgr. Robert J. Pawson, as Pastor and Sister Josephine Barbiere, a Sister of St. Joseph, as Principal.

The charism of the Sisters of St. Dominic from Kentucky continues with the students pursuing truth in their studies. This charism has been united with that of the Sisters of St. Joseph who seek union with God and neighbor. This becomes very meaningful as the varied cultures of the school community are encouraged to live and work together in harmony.

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Academy, a Catholic Institution within the Diocese of Brooklyn, opened in September 2013 in the same building where Our Lady of Lourdes School had been educating students since 1932.